CLARC solution on Android and iOS

CLARC solution on Android and iOS

Hello everyone, today I invite you to discover the solution de CLARC, a puzzle action adventure game available Android et iOS. In this game magnificent, awarded with many awards since its release a few months ago, you will have to help a little robot, CLARC, to repair a space factory on Mars and to save all his friends from certain destruction. Of course, for this you will have to solve a number of quite complicated puzzles.

Ce walkthrough complete guide (understand this step-by-step video guide) will show you how to overcome the 25 levels of the game. You will therefore discover 5 videos in which these 25 levels will be processed. This video solution du CLARC game at Android et iOS is to the credit of Aaron Pitt. Thanks to him for the work done, even if the quality of the videos is not optimal.

CLARC solution on Android and iOS

As you can see in this photo from the game, it is simply stunning!

Go without further ado, here is the solution de CLARC at Android et iOS.

CLARC Solution:

CLARC Solution - Part 1 Levels 1 to 5

CLARC Solution - Part 2 Levels 6 to 10


CLARC Solution - Part 3 Levels 11 to 15

CLARC Solution - Part 4 Levels 16 to 20

CLARC Solution - Part 5 Levels 21 to 30

And voila, we have just finished with this solution de CLARC at Android et iOS with the 25 levels available for this puzzle action adventure game. We hope this solution have been useful to you and we invite you to come back very quickly to our site to discover all the best solutions for your video games favorite. And if you want to support us, why not follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+? The links are on our home page, at the top right. Thank you in advance and see you soon on our pages!

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