Home Solution - Escape

Home Solution - Escape

Hello everyone and welcome to our pages to discover without further delay the solution de House - Escape at Android. Developed by Starodymov, it takes you to a new mansion from which you will have to escape and not let yourself be destabilized by zombies, giant rats or other really creepy monsters. To be honest, we don't really see the difference with House of Fear, released a while ago, but it's indeed a new game so… And then I can't find House of Fear on Google Play, maybe this title replaces it?

For this complete video solution that will show you how to finish this escape room and riddles, we only needed one video, that of the Techzamazing team that you know well now. Thank you to her for this complete guide that will allow you to move forward and progress in House - Escape without too many problems.

Home Solution - Escape

House Solution - Escape:


Home Solution - Escape - The video

And voila, I sincerely hope that this help will have been invaluable to you and that thanks to it you were able to finish this scary game. Even if it has some wobbly side, it is clear that it is still very successful on the Google Play market, and that's good. See you soon on our pages!

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