Solution for HIVESWAP (act 1 and act 2)

Solution for HIVESWAP (act 1 and act 2)

Hello everyone and welcome to our pages to discover without further delay the presentation of the solution for HIVESWAP. Adventure Act 1 was released some time ago and Act 2 has just been released on the Steam download platform.. Developed by What Pumpkin studios, it is an excellent and very original adventure game.

The story is quite simple. You play as a young girl named Joey who was traded with a little troll from the planet Alternia. You will therefore seek to return to earth, but before that, you will experience many adventures and meet colorful characters. The game is really very catchy with an offbeat and childish visual that contrasts with the adventure that is sometimes quite raw. In any case if you are stuck in one of the two acts, then you can consult the guide that we have chosen for you.

This solution for HIVESWAP is divided into two. For act 1, we thank Father with a complete guide. For Act 2, which has just been released, we say thank you to Adventure Vault. We hope you will like it and especially help you to progress because the two acts are quite long.

Solution for HIVESWAP:

Solution Act 1


Solution Act 2

And here it is solution for HIVESWAP, concerning act 1 and act 2, on PC is now complete. We hope that it has been useful to you and that thanks to it you have been able to move forward and finish this new puzzle adventure game. If so, so much the better! Come back and read us every day to discover daily new solutions for all your favorite video games. Thanks everyone for reading us! Please support us on social media to encourage us to continue our work. See you soon on our pages!

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