Solution for Adventure Escape Framed

Solution for Adventure Escape Framed

Hello everyone and welcome to our pages to discover the solution for Adventure Escape Framed on Android and iOS. This is a new title from Haiku Studios from the series of Adventure escape. The solutions of the previous episodes are still available on our pages but today we are interested in a sordid story of murder. It was a student who was killed and the worst part was that the body was found in the office of our heroine's mentor, Kate Gray.

In Adventure Escape Framed, you will therefore conduct an investigation on a university campus that will allow you to uncover questionable activities such as drug trafficking, acts of vandalism etc. But be careful, you will have to be very careful in your investigation because some people absolutely do not want you to update all of this. You have to do it for your mentor in order to save him! There is in all 5 chapters to discover !

Solution for Adventure Escape Framed

This solution for Adventure Escape Framed on Android and iOS is offered by App Unwrapper with a complete guide including 8 videos for the 5 chapters.

Solution for Adventure Escape Framed:

Chapter 1; Chapter 1 Puzzle Box; Chapter 2; Chapter 3


Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 5 Casar Box; Chapter 5 Rope Puzzle

And here it is solution for Adventure Escape Framed on Android and iOS is now complete. We hope that it was useful to you and that thanks to it you were able to move forward and finish this new puzzle game. If this is the case so much the better, come back and read us every day to discover daily new solutions for all your favorite video games. Thank you all for reading us, thank you for supporting us on social networks to encourage us to continue our work, see you soon on our pages!

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