The combination guide for Monster Legends

The combination guide for Monster Legends

Here is the combination guide for Monster Legends, a game available on Facebook and iOS: here you will find how to get the best monsters. Monster Legends is a kind of Pokémon: you will have to breed monsters and then breed them in order to get stronger monsters to fight other players.

Considering the success of the game, it was only fitting that we looked into it to offer you a complete guide to the different possible combinations to get the best monsters. So without further ado, here is the combination guide for Monster Legends. You will also find a photo showing you the different species that are effective against the others. Green arrows should be read as “is strong against”, so “Thunder” is powerful against “Water” etc.

The combination guide for Monster Legends

Combinations with fire monsters:

  • Firesaur + Treezard = Greenasaur ou Pandaken
  • Firesaur + Gorilla = Firekongor Freetle
  • Firesaur + Thunder Eagle = Gigram ou Thundernix
  • Firesaur + Mersnake = Sealion or Vapwhirl
  • Firesaur + Tyranno King = Flickie or Firetaur
  • Firesaur + Genie = Pyrook or Djinn

Fire and light are opposite elements, so you cannot breed two monsters of these two species. Monsters like Pandaken, Thundernix, Vapwhirl, Firetaur, and Djinn are rare monsters. They are more difficult to obtain.


Combinations with “nature” monsters (Nature):

  • Treezard + Firesaur = Greenasaur ou Pandaken (Rare)
  • Treezard + Gorilla = Rarawr ou Tarzape (Rare)
  • Treezard + Mersnake = Sheluke ou Bumblesnout (Rare)
  • Treezard + Tyranno KIng = Utochomp ou Dendrosaur (Rare)
  • Treezard + Genie = Bloomskips ou Pandalf (Rare)
  • Treezard + Light Spirit = Vixsun ou Rudicius (Rare)

Nature and electric are opposites. They cannot be brought up together.

Combinations with “earth” monsters:

  • Gorilla + Firesaur = Firekong or Freetle (Rare)
  • Gorilla + Treezard = Rarawr ou Tarzape (Rare)
  • Gorilla + Thunder Eagle = Electrex ou Bonbonb (Rare)
  • Gorilla + Mersnake = Expensesquish ou Musu (Rare)
  • Tyrant King gorilla + = Obsidia on Beefcake (Overseas)
  • Gorilla + Light Spirit = Light Sphinx ou Goldcore (Rare)

Combinations with “electric” monsters (Electric):

  • Thunder Eagle + Firesaur = Gigram ou Thundernix (Rare)
  • Thunder Eagle + Gorilla = Electrex ou Bonbon (Rare)
  • Thunder Eagle + Mersnake = Shock Turtle ou Koopigg (Rare)
  • Thunder Eagle + Tyranno King = Terror Dactyl ou Shanky (Rare)
  • Thunder Eagle + Genie = Raydex or Sparkwedge (Rare)
  • Thunder Eagle + Light Spirit = Pelitwirl ou Pulseprism(Rare)

Electricity and nature are opposites.

Combinations with “Water” monsters:

  • Mersnake + Firesaur = Sealion or Vapwhirl (Rare)
  • Mersnake + Treezard = Sheluke ou Bumblesnout (Rare)
  • Mersnake + Gorilla = Expensesquish ou Musu (Rare)
  • Mersnake + Electric = Shock Turtle ou Koopigg(Rare)
  • Mersnake + Genie = Dolphchamp ou Octocrush (Rare)
  • Mersnake + Light Spirit = Blesstle ou Raane(Rare)

Water and Night (Dark) are opposite elements and cannot be bred together.

Combinations with “night” monsters (Dark):

  • Tyranno King + Firesaur = Flickie or Firetaur (Rare)
  • Tyranno King + Treezard = Utochomp ou Dendrosaur (Rare)
  • Tyrant King Gorilla + = Obsidia on Beefcake (Overseas)
  • Tyranno King + Thunder Eagle = Terror Dactyl Shanky (Rare)
  • Tyrant King + = Genie Giragast on Haze (Rare)
  • Tyrant King + Light Spirit = Succuba on Fayemelina (Overseas)

Night (Dark) and Sea are opposites and therefore cannot be bred together.

Combinations with magic monsters:

  • Genie + Firesaur = Pyrook ou Djinn (Rare)
  • Genie + Treezard = Bloomskips ou Pandalf (Rare)
  • Genie + Thunder Eagle = Raydex or Sparkwedge (Rare)
  • Genie + Mersnake = Dolphchamp ou Octocrush (Rare)
  • Genie + Tyranno King = Giragast ou Haze (Rare)
  • Genie + Light Spirit = Flawless ou Zim (Rare)

Combinations with “light” monsters:

  • Light Spirit + Treezard = Vixsun ou Rudicius (Rare)
  • Light Spirit + Gorilla = Light Sphinx ou Goldcore (Rare)
  • Light Spirit + Thunder Eagle = Pelitwirl ou Pulseprism (Rare)
  • Light Spirit + Mersnake = Blesstle ou Raane (Rare)
  • Holy light Tyrant King + = Succuba on Fayemelina (Overseas)
  • Light Spirit + Genie = Flawless ou Zim (Rare)

Light and fire are opposites and cannot be raised together.

Epic Monsters:
While common and rare monsters are easier to breed, Epic Monsters are not at all. Here are the best combinations to get it:

  • Light Sphinx(Earth + Light) + Pyrook(Fire + Magic) = Skipples ou Scorchpeg ou Duchess ou Terracrank
  • Bonbon(Electric + Earth) + Pandaken(Nature + Fire) = Rhynex ou Rabidex
  • Utochomp (Nature + Dark) + Koopigg (Water + Electric) = Razfeesh ou Fliploch

Legendary monsters:
Here are some possible combinations for legendary monsters:

  • Skipples + Scorchpeg = Arch Knight
  • Skipples + Rabidex = Thorder
  • Rabidex + Razfeesh = Lord of the Atlantis
  • Terracrank + Fliploch = Rockatanium
  • Nebotus = Fayemelina + Fliploch

And voila, the combination guide for Monster Legends is now complete, we hope it has been useful to you and invite you to come back soon to discover other solutions and other tips on our site!

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