Retro: Solutions de Mega Man X

Retro: Solutions de Mega Man X

Game Over Mania presents today the solutions of Mega Man X. A platform action game released in 1994 for Super Nintendo and which made an impression thanks to the new features added to this episode. Graphics, soundtrack, lifespan, gameplay, it's all there! Game Over Mania could not therefore miss the opportunity to make you live or relive the adventures of Mega man and his creator, Doctor Light!

More than a century after the events of the first series, the professor cain, archaeologist, discovered the ruins of the Professor Light. He also found a capsule containing a mysterious robot, baptized X. This one had been locked for 30 years in a capsule in order to test its circuits. Professor Cain was fascinated by this robot endowed with free will and hastened to painstakingly copy its incredible features to create a new species of android, the Reploids.


Unfortunately, due to their highly complex programming, Reploids were likely to behave in unstable, if not downright dangerous, ways. Any defective or criminal Reploid is considered a Maverick. To combat the threat posed by these dangerous androids, a special law enforcement organization, the Mavericks Hunters, was founded and whose supervision was entrusted to Sigma, one of the most advanced Reploids of the moment. Only, even Sigma became a "Maverick" and, very quickly, the mighty Reploid became their leader ... This is where comes in Megaman X who decided to fight the threat of the “Mavericks”.

The  solutions of Mega Man X are presented to you in video by LordCloudStrife on his Youtube Channel.

FYI, each piece of armor recovered allows X to benefit from a new ability or even improve an already existing one. To make it easier to understand how the armor works, each piece will be accompanied by a brief description of its functionality:

  • Helmet: Allows X to demolish blocks with a head butt.
  • Body: Reduces damage taken by 50%.
  • Buster: Activates a third charge level for the X-Buster and allows secondary weapons to be charged.
  • Leg: Activates the Emergency Acceleration System, commonly known as the dash.

Note however that it is possible to benefit from an improvement of the X-Buster without having to find the respective capsule.

A few additional tips to complete our Mega man X solutions:

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