Solution for Goodbye Deponia: Guide part 1

Solution for Goodbye Deponia: Guide part 1

here is solution for Goodbye Deponia, a point and click that has just been released on PC. This is the third episode that concludes the Deponia series on PC, which began over a year ago. In this very successful game you play as an anti hero: Rufus. This one lives on a planet full of garbage, his name is Deponia. Rufus' objective is therefore to reach an aerial city bearing the sweet name of Elyseum. In this quest he will meet a young and beautiful woman from Elyseum with whom he will fall in love: Goal. With her you will have to try to save Deponia from a tragic end. Indeed, a member of Elyseum attempts to destroy Deponia by claiming that there is no one living on it. To prevent the disaster you will have to do everything to reach Elyseum in time and reveal that the planet Deponia, even if it is very dirty, is still well and truly inhabited.

So much for the pitch of the Deponia series. For Goodbye deponia, well you arrive at the end of the game. It will thus be necessary to try to save your poor planet in the company of the other characters who accompany you in this adventure: Goal thus, the Doc and Bozzo. It is also in the trawler of the latter that you begin the adventure of this Goodbye deponia. The old school graphics are still there, a real treat.

Solution for Goodbye Deponia: Guide part 1

As much to say it immediately the puzzles of this episode are particularly complex. If you have already tested the previous episodes then you will not be too surprised, on the other hand if you start with this episode then at times you will tear your hair out. A word of advice, however: the puzzles always correspond to the spirit of the game: offbeat, sometimes grotesque and very often funny but not illogical, understood?

Go no more chattering and make way for the complete solution of the game. We will offer you 25 videos in all, but in two installments. Here are the first 12 that will allow you to advance in Goodbye Deponia. These were all made by ComboBreakah, and they are of very high quality. Enjoy!

Solution for Goodbye Deponia

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And here it is, the first part of this Complete guide to Goodbye Deponia is now complete. I give you an appointment very soon for the end of this solution for complete Goodbye Deponia. See you soon!

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