Solution for Homefront The Revolution

Solution for Homefront The Revolution

Hello everyone and welcome to our pages to discover today the presentation of the solution for Homefront The Revolution. Developed by Deep Silver and published by Dambuster Studios, the game offers an original scenario in which you will have to resist against the North Korean invader. Indeed, North Korea has seen its power increase in such a way that it is invading America, just that. It is in this oppressive atmosphere that you will have to fight.

Even if the game received a rather cold critical reception, the players did not necessarily shun it. It must be said that graphically Homefront The Revolution is doing very honorably and that its immersive atmosphere is ultimately quite successful. Certain scenes of oppression in everyday life are touching and frankly, we find ourselves wanting to liberate these people. It will therefore be necessary to conduct district-by-district operations to raise a revolution. Finally the only two big faults are the piracy, really ridiculous and the handling of the two wheels, just excruciating. But hey with this video guide for Homefront The Revolution that we have prepared you will still move forward more calmly. 

Solution for Homefront The Revolution

This solution for Homefront The Revolution is proposed by RapidRetrospectGames on its Youtube channel with a guide including 7 videos: 5 for the complete guide, 1 for the end and the cutscenes, and 1 for the guide of Timesplitters2.

Solution for Homefront The Revolution:

part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4


part 5, Fin et Cutscenes, Timesplitters 2 (rental and guide)

And here it is solution for Homefront The Revolution is now complete. We hope that it was useful to you and that thanks to it you were able to move forward and finish this episode. If so, so much the better, come back and read us every day to discover new solutions for all your favorite video games every day. Thank you all for reading us, thank you for supporting us on social networks to encourage us to continue our work, see you soon on our pages!

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